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This is a story of hyperactive, tech-savvy participant of COLORS program.
The COLORS program is run on COLORS kiosk. COLORS promote independent learning by setting up activities for individual with autism or special needs. Behavior and responses of the participant during the activity play are recorded.
This participant - a young boy was obsessed with colorful buttons and components on the screen.
In the initial trial run, he went on touching open and close buttons in succession without waiting to see what happens when those buttons are touched. As a result during the trial run, his recorded session’s length never exceeded 1 or 2 seconds. In other words, he did not participate at all.
Afterwards, when he was denied access to these buttons through changes in his profile settings, he lost interest and stopped interacting. Gradually, he started watching animations & auto play of activities on the screen. He also watched fellow participants playing. Slowly, his interest was revived, and, he started participating in some activities, off course, with zero or low score.
Over a course of period, his understanding about the activity, clues and on screen instructions improved. The following graph portrays his progress. He successfully completed activities with pre-dominantly visual clues with full score. Thus, this boy’s journey commenced from NO participation, moved to ACTIVE participation and ended with WINNING participation.
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