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How COLORS Program Works?
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Bringing COLORS in the Life of Autistic Children
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How COLORS Program Works
A Journey from COLORS Academy to your Home!
Following are two phases of our Intervention Program.
Phase I - Pre-Intervention
The COLORS Program lets Parents to be an observer and a learning partner to their child through the learning process
Step 1 : Introduction
An Introduction to Colors Academy and our offered Program.
Step 2 : First Meeting
Interested individuals meets us At Academy with Academy Personnel.
Step 3 : Individualized Colors Education Plan (ICEP)
  We develop ICEP based on IEP, Preferences & Initial Analysis.
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Phase II - Intervention
  An Introduction to Colors Academy and our offered Program.
Step 4 : Colors Intervention Analysis (CIA)
During this phase an Analysis is done on Individualized Interest & Preference, an execution Plan is prepared and made operational.
Step 5 : Colors Ongoing Intervention Program (COIP)
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  Option 1 : In–Academy Grouped Session program with Weekly One-on-One Session
  Option 2 : At Home on Kiosk program with Weekly One-on-One Session
  Option 3 : Combination of Option 1 and Option 2
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