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Welcome to Shanesh’s COLORS Academy
The COLORS Academy offers COLORS Program – a unique Program designed specifically for students with special education needs. The COLORS program delivers Individualized Colors Education Plan (ICEP) through iPads, Android Tablets, Classroom Kiosks and Mobile devices (iPhone and Android phones).
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The COLORS Academy’s mission is to introduce a synchronized, holistic, integrated and collaborative intervention approach between schools, homes and providers for special needs education.
The Academy will offer common platform, environment and technology to all involved in the learning process of individuals with special needs.
The COLORS Academy will join hands with Parents, Educators, Therapists, Researchers, Analysts, Technocrats and Service Providers to deliver synchronized and cost-effective intervention based on IEP goals and individual preferences.
COLORS Academy Learning Centers will be conveniently located for easy access to parents in the neighborhood. COLORS Academy will offer fun-filled, colorful, motivating, and vibrant educational content and environment using 3D animations and technology.
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